Most powerful cargo ships?

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I have always believed that the eight Sea-Land container ships built 1972-73 with 120,000 shp twin screw steam turbines and 30knot service speed, must have been the most powerful engine installations ever in commercialcargo ships as opposed to passenger liners. Am I right, or was there anything built more powerful?
Also, I would be interested to know if any SN members have any personal experience of these ships and their engines when they were in commercial service. I understand they were all taken over by the US Navy in 1981-82, and converted for part Ro-Ro operation, and are now known as the Algol-class - I think they kept their original boilers and turbines. All are now in the U.S.Reserve FleetThey were Sea-Land Commerce, Sea-Land Exchange, Sea-Land Finance, Sea-Land Galloway, Sea-Land Market, Sea-Land McLean, Sea-Land Resource and Sea-Land Trade, all 41,127 tons gross and US flagged.Anyone out there had first hand knowledge of them?


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