THE marine ENGINE 2040???

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within the last 10 days of so we have had firstly VOLO the ford group say they are ceasing the production of petrol/diesel powered cars, and then Renualt do the same a few days later, saying they will concentrate on electrical powered cars only for 2040.The mind boggles? What will air transport and marine transport do, For a convient fuel easily stored, go nuclear? or 100% natural gas, or back to coal and steam power.
As for the defence industry and armed forces, what would be the sensible fuel alternatives in a large scale operation, in a world wide conflict???Will be see some form of battery energy store providing a hydrogen fuel cell from water or water vapour? Has or is the research under way? I just wonder, and dream of the ''Doxford, Sulzers, B&W's and Pielsticks of the world I may have known with Babcocks forster wheeler boilers and Pamatrada and Stal turbines.
It is all in the mind??


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